Photographers Tour of China in August 2006
05 September 2006


In August of 2006, I was invited on a 2 week tour of China by The Chinese Photographers Association (CPA). I joined 7 other international photographers from USA, France, Taiwan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, to photograph the people, traditions and tourist opportunities in Beihai in the Guangxi Province and Duyun in the Guizhou Province.

The group met in Beihai, which is situated on the southern coast of China, and is known as a starting port of the ancient Marine Silk Route. Baihai is also the hometown of the South Pearl.

Beihai is an ancient city, where over 2,000 years ago, huge fleets started from there to cross the Northern Gulf, the Strait of Malacca and the Mediterranean Sea and to travel to Europe and Africa.There were wonderful photographic opportunities of relics of consulates from western countries and old streets, with their aged and timeworn appearance and the associated street life of the people.

Our group was also set to experience the delights of Weizhou and Xieyang Islands, but unfortunately the trip was abandoned during the first day due to an approaching monsoon. 


Our group was taken to the Silver Beach (which is regarded as one of the best beaches in China), to the port area, colorful fishing villages and to the old streets in the city.



The hospitality of our hosts, the Beihai division of CPA, was overwhelming and the culinary delights of the local seafood were outstanding as was the luxury accommodation.


I concentrated my photography on the people of Beihai and I made and presented an audio visual program called “The Smiling Faces of Beihai” with Chinese music and titles on the final day, which was well received by the local audience. Other photographers also showed programs brought from their home countries.

The group then traveled north on an all day “wet” trip by bus and aircraft to the city of Duyun to attend The 3rd Duyun International Photography Exhibition.


Duyun is situated in the mountains of Yun-Gui Plateau, where the majority of the people are Miao nationality. The city is considered a top tourist city of China and is the capital of Qiannan Buyis and Miaos Autonomous Prefecture and the central city of economy, science, technology, culture, tourism and communications of South Guizhou. In Dyun, there are 34 ethnic groups such as Buyis, Hans, Miao, Shuis etc. and the population is around 480,000 of which almost 70% are minority nationalities.

Our photographic group, who had VIP status in Duyun, was taken to two ethnic villages, an ethnic street wedding and to the city theatre to experience ethnic music and dance. The guests were enthralled by the traditional welcome of music and dance by the group dressed in ethnic costume at the theatre entrance. 


We also attended the huge 3rd Duyun International Photography Exhibition and prize giving ceremony.


I also gave an audio visual presentation to a local audience using some of the images that I made in Duyun which was appreciated by the local audience. Again we much appreciated the hospitality of the organizing committee that hosted our group.

Most of the touring group then flew to Beijing to attend a banquet hosted by the president of the CPA and final speeches of farewell. Some left for home and others explored Beijing city which is due to host the next summer Olympic Games. As I had previously flown into Beijing before the tour, I had already explored the city and experienced an all day escorted tour to the Great Wall of China and to Ming Tomb etc. 
The gallery of photos represents a cross section of images from this wonderful trip and photographic opportunity.  I would like to personally thank all of the members of CPA (especially to Li and our group leader Yang and also to Lynn who originally recommended my services to CPA) and the volunteers who made our trip a memorable experience. It was a trip of a life time and showed that China is a top tourist destination.



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